Year 2016

Turns out I’m a bit forgetful person.

Yeah! I forgot to make any resolution for Year 2o15. 🙂 Still, it has been an interesting year – attended my brother’s wedding, went skiing with colleagues, spent quality time (in units of months) with some friends, met new interesting people, started Worotos, braved some challenges and most importantly, I turned 30.

Now, before I forget this year here are some resolutions I am setting for myself:

Change daily routine to “Early to bed – Early to rise”. Last year, I have done it many times and I felt really good all day each and every time I tried it. This year I am going to turn it into a habit.

Cook more. Last year, I cooked only may be 10 times. This year I want to cook at-least a 100 times. I am very good at cooking food which “looks” good, fresh and all but tastes “nothing”. So, no! You don’t want to try it. Trust me.

Worotos has ~30 pictures as of now. By end of 2016, I would like the number to surpass 100.

I read very few books last year. Better not count them at all. Its depressing. 🙂 I will read 12 books this year. That’s one book a month.

Design & Develop an iPhone App. This has been on my list for very long. This year I going to do it – no matter what.

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