homelessness – how can we help?

Solving homelessness shouldn’t be a hard problem considering the fact that our brains are capable of solving insanely complex problems. I started noting down some problems today, which revolve around the subject matter.

After some minutes of searching found following organizations which are already solving some of those problems mentioned above:

Provides an easy way for donating funds to individuals on streets. You can also have their Gift Cards which can personally be handed over to such individuals instead of giving them cash.

Arranges mobile showers for the individuals on streets. Lava Mae puts it as, “With hygiene comes dignity; with dignity, opportunity.

The thing is while some individuals or organizations figure out solutions to those interesting problems, there is one complication which each of us can help to resolve.

It will not cost you much but it will mean a World to those who are in need.

The Problem: Our friends on streets usually don’t have anyone to talk to. We ignore when we pass by them. It almost feels like we do not consider them as humans.


Photo credit: http://www.peteearley.com


Just saying a few words of such kindness has a potential to change their lives.




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