5 Coincidences – 32 hours

Do you believe in coincidences? I do but not in a series-of-coincidences.

Still, in a matter of just 32 hours I had a good taste of following events while going back to work:

Few hours before my flight, I came to know about my manager flying the same morning, to the same city I was en route to.

While sitting in lounge, I saw a girl who was in the same flight, I took 2 weeks ago on my way to home.

Afterwards, while sitting in plane I saw one of my colleague hopping on the same plane. We were surprised to see each other out of the blue.

In Dubai, while waiting in line to catch my next flight, I started a conversation with a person beside me. The line was long and we stood there for more than 30 minutes talking about various things. Few minutes later, found him sitting right next to me inside the plane.

All of the above mentioned events have one thing in common i.e. the writer of this post. Coincidence, right?

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