Year 2017

Here are my this year’s resolutions:

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Year 2016: Achievements

I made some resolutions last year and here is what I achieved:

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Year 2016

Turns out I’m a bit forgetful person.

Yeah! I forgot to make any resolution for Year 2o15. 🙂

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Can children learn to code?

Wrong question.

Because they cannot just learn to code – they can actually EXCEL in it in no time. Just experienced it first hand at a meet-up organized by Whizkidz Computer Center for children aged around 10.

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homelessness – how can we help?

Solving homelessness shouldn’t be a hard problem considering the fact that our brains are capable of solving insanely complex problems. I started noting down some problems today, which revolve around the subject matter.

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Blessed is the minuscule moment which makes you aware of your current angry state, if and only if, you use it wisely.

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5 Coincidences – 32 hours

Do you believe in coincidences? I do but not in a series-of-coincidences.

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Year 2014

My new year goals (well, some of them):

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