Can children learn to code?

Wrong question.

Because they cannot just learn to code – they can actually EXCEL in it in no time. Just experienced it first hand at a meet-up organized by Whizkidz Computer Center for children aged around 10. The kids programmed a very simple HTML and CSS based animation themselves, which made a text and an icon move from one location on screen to another location.

They say, “Kids are very good at learning languages”. Seems like it holds very true for even programming languages.

The second whole class of around 15 kids SCREAMED with PURE joy seeing their animation live was absolutely phenomenal and strangely rewarding. Check WhizKidz Computer Center out. Their classes are starting First Week of January, 2016.

P.S. Trying to get hold of the work those kids produced in just an hour of coding. I will share it soon.


Update (10/12/2015):

Click here to checkout animations produced by the kids.


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