Beautify your Git Prompt

Hmm..so you like to modify your terminal’s prompt for Git to look like mine haan!

No problemo…

Beautify Prompt for Git

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Curly Jail

Psssst! Have you ever been unsuccessful in successfully ignoring what following JavaScript construct does?

(function () {

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Year 2017

Here are my this year’s resolutions:

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Year 2016: Achievements

I made some resolutions last year and here is what I achieved:

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Year 2016

Turns out I’m a bit forgetful person.

Yeah! I forgot to make any resolution for Year 2o15. :)

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Counting Rules

Basic rules of counting are that you multiply when independent events or scenarios are being considered together and you sum them up if they are being considered separately from each other. Here is an account of some specialized rules of counting which can come handy:

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Event Bubbling

Event bubbling is a term used for the order in which events get triggered on nested HTML tags. e.g. consider following case where we have a <div> inside another <div> tag:


<div id="outerElement">
    <div id="innerElement">

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JavaScript: Fun Bits

Here are some fun bits about JavaScript which you may enjoy as much as I did:

>> NaN === NaN

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Can children learn to code?

Wrong question.

Because they cannot just learn to code – they can actually EXCEL in it in no time. Just experienced it first hand at a meet-up organized by Whizkidz Computer Center for children aged around 10.

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Go Programming (Todd McLeod)

Here is what I learned from a talk delivered by Todd McLeod at Google DevFest 2015, which will make you want to learn Go as much I do now:

Some of you will be like: “SHOOOT! I don’t need to read rest of this blog post now – THIS is enough motivation”. And you won’t be wrong but read on.

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React Tutorial – Setup

While trying React Tutorial, I ran into several issues of same nature which were fairly easy to fix. Recording the process of their resolution here in case some one can benefit from it.

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homelessness – how can we help?

Solving homelessness shouldn’t be a hard problem considering the fact that our brains are capable of solving insanely complex problems. I started noting down some problems today, which revolve around the subject matter.

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Blessed is the minuscule moment which makes you aware of your current angry state, if and only if, you use it wisely.

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5 Coincidences – 32 hours

Do you believe in coincidences? I do but not in a series-of-coincidences.

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Ubuntu: Recover Encrypted Partition

Utility ecryptfs-recover-private, may help you re-access your encrypted data automatically, in a few seconds.

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In one to one communication with a person, when one wants to put less emphasis on a certain item, it is advisable to make mention of it less.

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Mysterious case of Facebook Ads

Keep an eye on ads, showing up in your Facebook account – soon you may notice a mysterious trend.

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Git Tip: Removing dependency of one commit on another

For removing dependency of one commit over another, you may use Git’s interactive rebase.

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Git Tip: Marking one change-set’s dependency on another

In this tutorial you will learn a commonly used feature of Git i.e. to mark a change-set’s dependency on another change-set.

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Flappy Bird – Lessons Learned

 Here are some lessons one may learn from the recent episodes of Flappy Bird – the game.

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Year 2014

My new year goals (well, some of them):

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